You Capture – Shadows


I knew this challenge from Beth would probably be a hard one.  I usually don’t pay any attention to shadows.  And I had to look even harder than I originally thought.  We have had mostly cloudy weather since last week.  Yesterday I caught these two from our front porch. 



This morning the girls worked efficiently and got their school work done quickly, so we headed over to the dog park where there is also a playground.  I’ve been having the mommy guilt with our dog, Grace.  She is the sweetest chocolate lab you’ve ever met, but she’s getting old and slow and therefore isn’t very demanding…and if you live in a house with three kids and you want love and attention, you better be willing to be demanding otherwise you might not get any!  So I loaded Grace up in the truck along with the girls.  While the girls were playing on the playground equipment, I hung out with Grace and captured this picture. 



So for not really having a clue about how to go about taking pictures of shadows, I think they turned out pretty good. 

What did you capture this week?


21 responses to this post.

  1. I love the scroll fencing. very pretty…would be even cooler if you turned it black and white. Swing by the IE Mommy to see my shadow shot and enter our photo poster giveaway! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very pretty fence shot. I love your Gracie too! What a sweet accomplice. My dog ate a brand new magazine and a roll of paper towels today. He lovingly spread them throughout the back yard in his attempt to get me outside. So helpful. Great shadow shots!

  3. I’m a big Lab fan – I really enjoyed Grace under the shadows of the tree. Great shots!!

  4. Love them! They look great!

  5. Scrolly stuff makes the best shadows. Very nice!

  6. I love that second shot of the scrolly stuff. And what a sweet picture of your dog. Nice job!

  7. Oh my gosh- I love the one with your dog!!!


  8. The iron post shots are awesome! Nice job!

  9. I love the second one. So pretty! 🙂

  10. yep, you rocked it out, I like the second one the best!

  11. Awesome. I had to look twice to see if Grace was in the tree!

  12. Awesome swirls! I love it! The shadows are so crisp. Your dog in the tree shadow is great, too!

  13. Nice job! Finding sunshine was tough for me also.

  14. I really like the composition of the second one and in the last one, it looks like your dog is dreaming about being in that tree – awesome!

  15. Really, really great shots! The shadow with your dog looks like he’s sitting on the tree branch!

  16. I especially like that first one because the shadow looks almost as solid as the real thing. Very cool.

  17. Very pretty!

  18. Great captures.

  19. I think that your photos turned out great! The ones of the scrolls on your porch just invite to you have a seat in that sunshine!

  20. Very cool! Love your photos!

  21. Oh, I miss Grace! She is such a sweetie. Give her a hug from me. You’ll have to bring her the next time you come out, so she can play with Brenna and Bear.

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