More learning

Geez, I should be one of the most educated people around what with all the learning I do every week!  (Well, not to mention all the others that are part of Jo-Lynne’s carnival “What I learned this week”.)

So in this past week I have learned a few things:

1.  Spending a weekend away is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

2.  Forgetting to take the time off of work for said weekend is really stupid because…

3.  Staying up late to work and then having to get up with kids Monday morning does not a happy mommy make. 

4.  Sleep is very important to my sanity.  Still not sure how I didn’t kill someone in the 14 months it took Sweet Pea to sleep through the night.

5.  I love that Traveler doesn’t begrudge me the time away.

So what did you learn this week?


5 responses to this post.

  1. 14 months of no sleep…? I think I’ve blocked that painful memory from my head. Sleep is our friend! So happy to hear that you’ve learned it. :o)

  2. A getaway is a nice break in the routine. Good for you! I love sleep…sometimes I wish I didn’t need so much of it though.

  3. How nice for you that you got to go away, although I feel your pain on the lack of sleep. 14 months is a long time to be sleep deprived, too.

  4. Oh I do need my sleep. I often go to bed at 8pm with the kids. I can’t get enough sleep.

  5. Oh, I would have died with 14 months of no sleep. I need sleep but never go to bed early enough. I’m glad you got time away!

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