I heart Costco

Last night we were visiting some friends who just got some baby chickens that they are going to raise for eggs.  (I am so excited that someone I know who is close is doing this.  I love fresh eggs!)  The girls were all running around crazy and Sweet Pea and Smarty Pants collided.  Many tears were shed and Sweet Pea’s glasses were obviously bent.  I gave them a little tweak but figured we’d head to Costco in the morning for an “official” adjustment.  I have always been scared that I’m going to break glasses when I try to manipulate them.  This morning the girls and I get up, get a little school work done and head to Costco to be there when they opened.  Quick and painless, we were in and out with Sweet Pea’s glasses staying put on her nose. 

Sweet Pea has been a pain with her glasses lately.  She has been looking over the top of them instead of through the lenses.  It has been driving me crazy with constant reminders to “look up”, “chin up”, “look THROUGH your glasses”, etc.  I have to vary my reprimand because she starts to tune me out after the 20th time it happens before breakfast. 

Because it doesn’t take much for her to want to look over the top of them, when she sat down next to me at the kitchen table and started to do it, I gently picked grabbed the glasses were the frames meet the stem to give them a little boost, and they snapped with the lens falling to the floor.  *sigh* Okay, this was not in the cards for today.  *crap* I had a sneaking suspicion that we would show back up at Costco and they wouldn’t have a replacement set of frames and it would be weeks, again, to get her a new set.  We have an appointment next Wednesday with the ophthalmologist to see if there has been any improvement in her esotropia.  So, because I know she shouldn’t be without the glasses, I grab her prescription off my desk (where it mysteriously was glued to another piece of paper ripping the top of it in the process), tell the girls to grab something to read, and we headed back out to Costco.  I was planning on Costco not being able to fix the problem immediately and then we would have to drive to Reno to Lenscrafters of Eye Masters to have a one-hour jobbie done.  I was not pleased at all. 

To my surprise, we showed back up at Costco and they had another set of the exact frames.  The gentleman there put her lenses in the new frames, fit them to her little head, and we were on our merry way.  I am so relieved that my afternoon of phone calls doesn’t have to be rearranged because of this.  Yeah for Costco!  (I was expecting it to be like going to Wal-Mart…they never have what I want and it’s always more of a hassle than it’s worth to go in there.)


2 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t go to Costco very often but I have had good experiences every time I’ve been! So glad your day wasn’t super ruined.


  2. Kids and glasses are a pain-in-the-butt!!

    We go in for weekly adjustments with the twins. I love the place we go. They always act happy to see us no matter how many times we have to come in!

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