Kiss Me – Week 1

It’s the end if the first week of the “Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking” challenge over at the Sisterhood.  This past week has been pretty good for me.  I did my treadmill, jump rope, and abbreviated Wii routine on Friday.  I had to complete 5.7 miles on the treadmill in order to squeeze 30 miles into February for my Nike+ challenge.  I was quite tired at the end of Friday.  Saturday wasn’t the best of eating days.  We spent the day on the road to Sacramento and back (3 hour drive each way).  I didn’t eat horrible, but I essentially got zero movement throughout the day.  Sunday was better.  We did go out for pizza for dinner, but I had a big salad along side of my 2 slices of pizza…and I opted out of ice cream for dessert at Baskin Robins with the family.  Monday was a great exercise day.  I ran 3 miles straight and did a total of 4.25 miles.  I have been trying to challenge myself to increase my reps on the Wii Fit strength training.  Especially the jacknife.  I hate the jacknife, but Monday I did 20 reps, and I’m still feeling my abs today.  I’m going to try and continue eating healthy and keep the snacking down to a minimum along with continuing my M,W,F workout days.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I tell ya, I am so inspired by you! You’re dedication to working out is amazing. Congrats on a great week!

  2. Great job this week!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow, girl, you are amazing! 3 miles straight?! You rock!

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