Have I mentioned how spoiled the girls and I are?  I work at home, and the kids school at home.  Most days we don’t get dressed until around noon…and if we have nowhere to go that day, sometimes not at all.  Traveler has come home on many occasions at 5;30 to find us all still in PJ’s, happy and content.  Even if we aren’t going anyway, the girls are more likely than I to get dressed in order to go play outside. 

Yesterday was not a PJ day.  The girls had school work in the morning, then after lunch I took SmartyPants and Sass to their homeschool co-op for a couple of hours.  This month I had been volunteering in their Science class, so I stayed with them for the first hour and then dashed out the door to hit Costco.  I’ve decided that Thursday between 2 and 3 pm is not the time to go to Costco.  I had to pick up a prescription and literally 6 things and it took twice as long as it should have.  Then I raced back to pick the girls up so we could race home and pick up Sweet Pea (my mom stayed with her so she could nap) and then race over to my mom’s old office so Sass could deliver her Girl Scout cookies.  After which we raced home to eat some leftovers before racing over to my parents’ house to see if anyone was home in their neighborhood that had ordered cookies.  (You can’t sell Girl Scout cookies at night.  It’s one of the safety first concepts they teach the girls.)  Then we had to head over to see Tim’s step-grandmother for her birthday and then get the girls home and cleaned and down for bed.  And I still had 2 hours of work to do. 

I know many live this crazy life every day.  Since we don’t, we were all exhausted at day’s end.  I am spoiled.  I know it.  I’m pretty sure my kids appreciate it.  And anyway it’s a crazy world out there.  If I don’t have to deal with it face-to-face on a daily basis, I’m content.


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