What’s wrong

I’m been feeling “out of sorts” lately.  Can’t really put my finger on it.  It might be a combination of things that I’ve been procrastinating about dealing with because I’m just not ready to deal with them yet.  And both aren’t bloggable.  I want to be an ostrich and stick my head in the sand and pop back out when things have magically fixed themselves and I can go back to my happy little Kirstenland world that I live in.  It’s my altered reality that I like to inhabit.  You know, where there is common sense and logic and reason and all of those things mesh with my view of the topic at hand?  Oh, wait, that place doesn’t exist.  Maybe that’s why I call it “Kirstenland” because it only exists in my head. 

The kids have been really great this week.  Working hard at their school work, playing nicely together, cooperating.  This should be thrilling me because with 3 kids it is rare that they get along for more than a couple of hours let alone a whole week.  I’ve been keeping up with my exercising and eating well.  I’ve been taking my drugs like a good girl.  Traveler and I have had more time together lately.  His trips this spring have been cut down from 7+ weeks to about 4-1/2.   All of this should lead to contentment. 

Hell, maybe it’s all just PMS.  Maybe it’s the stack of receipts I have to input into the computer.  Maybe it’s the fact that I”m putting off doing the taxes.  Not that I’m not expecting something back this year, we are, but I know it’s not really ours to spend.  It’s already spoken for. 

I think life just caught up to me.  Being an adult really sucks.  I am always reminded of George Carlin’s take on life and how it really should be lived from the opposite end – starting with old age and ending up with the orgasm.   It’s so true. 

I’m sure the funk will be gone soon…at least I hope so.  We have girl scout cookies to start delivering this weekend!


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  1. I hope brighter days are ahead for ya hon!! Let me know if I can help!

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