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Have I mentioned how spoiled the girls and I are?  I work at home, and the kids school at home.  Most days we don’t get dressed until around noon…and if we have nowhere to go that day, sometimes not at all.  Traveler has come home on many occasions at 5;30 to find us all still in PJ’s, happy and content.  Even if we aren’t going anyway, the girls are more likely than I to get dressed in order to go play outside. 

Yesterday was not a PJ day.  The girls had school work in the morning, then after lunch I took SmartyPants and Sass to their homeschool co-op for a couple of hours.  This month I had been volunteering in their Science class, so I stayed with them for the first hour and then dashed out the door to hit Costco.  I’ve decided that Thursday between 2 and 3 pm is not the time to go to Costco.  I had to pick up a prescription and literally 6 things and it took twice as long as it should have.  Then I raced back to pick the girls up so we could race home and pick up Sweet Pea (my mom stayed with her so she could nap) and then race over to my mom’s old office so Sass could deliver her Girl Scout cookies.  After which we raced home to eat some leftovers before racing over to my parents’ house to see if anyone was home in their neighborhood that had ordered cookies.  (You can’t sell Girl Scout cookies at night.  It’s one of the safety first concepts they teach the girls.)  Then we had to head over to see Tim’s step-grandmother for her birthday and then get the girls home and cleaned and down for bed.  And I still had 2 hours of work to do. 

I know many live this crazy life every day.  Since we don’t, we were all exhausted at day’s end.  I am spoiled.  I know it.  I’m pretty sure my kids appreciate it.  And anyway it’s a crazy world out there.  If I don’t have to deal with it face-to-face on a daily basis, I’m content.


The End of a Challenge

Today is the final day of the “Lookin Fine for Valentine” challenge over at the Sisterhood.

This week, well, I haven’t done as well as I would have liked.  Partly my fault, and partly…well my fault.  I snacked more; although, I tried to keep it to healthier stuff.  It’s been hard though because my older girls are selling Girl Scout cookies, and the cookies have arrived.  (I have a love/hate relationship with Thin Mints.)  I’ve realized that as long as I keep the boxes closed and in the freezer, they aren’t tempting, but if the box is open, look out!  I was very proud of myself on Saturday as it was the first day I ran 3 miles straight.  I’ve tried in the last month, and just couldn’t convince myself to muscle through.  But Saturday, I probably could have kept going, but I didn’t want to push myself too hard and regret it.  I did hop on the Wii Fit though and put in 45 minutes there.  It felt wonderful.  It is now Wednesday and I’ve yet to exercise again.  Here’s where I have tried to place blame outside of myself.  We tore out the carpet in our master bathroom (yes, around the tub AND the toilet) oh, I don’t know 3 months ago.  It was definitely before Christmas.  We’ve yet to make the time or have the time get out and buy some tile and get it laid.  So a friend of Traveler’s was interested in making a few extra bucks, so he was at the house all day Monday (one of my regular workout days).  For one, he was using the space in the garage where my treadmill folds down (see, right here, I’m placing blame), but I also don’t like an audience when I work out.  I have always hated gyms.  Traveler loves the gym, but I hate being surrounded by people who may be watching me.  (Yes, I’m insecure.)  So hence, I have a treadmill at home and I bought myself Wii Fit.  Anyway, I didn’t get it done Monday.  And today? Yes, Wednesday is supposed to be one of my days of exercise.  I won’t get it done today either because this morning the girls and I went to church for Ash Wednesday, therefore getting a late start on school work (which was already behind from skiing yesterday).  So we are now just finishing up with that, and I coulddo the Wii (I think I’m convincing myself right now to just shut up and cowgirl up about it.)  (I am only 6 miles away from hitting my 30-mile goal for February; if I run Friday and Saturday, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.)

So the bonus for this next challenge for St. Patrick’s Day (you’ll see the button over there on the right) is that because it is Lent, I’m giving up sweets.  I can’t in good conscious say I’m going to give up coffee – that would be a HUGE sacrifice.  I thought about wine, but I like wine, and in reality I don’t drink more than a couple of glasses a week anyway.  In the past I’ve given up my Coke, but since I’m exercising, they don’t sound as good and I’m not drinking as much.  I think the sweets thing is good.  I’m a sucker for all things sweet.  So no dessert, no cookies, no candy, no cakes.  Nada, until Easter. 

So here’s to a healthy next 3 weeks until St. Patty’s Day.

You Capture – week 1

Beth over at Folding Laundry has started something, and because I have taken, literally, a couple of pictures over the last few years where I was amazed at how they turned out, considering I’ve never messed with any photoshop type program and seeing Beth’s pictures along with other’s (like Pioneer Woman) who enjoy taking pictures, has made me want to try and take better pictures myself.  I have a basic point-and-shoot Sanyo camera.  Nothing fancy, but for the most part it does alright.

This week’s challenge was to take a picture of something you love without a flash.  And because I have 3 girls, I thought I’d start with them.  I do love my kids afterall!

I’m partial to my baby, Sweet Pea, who is now 3 and is the proud owner of shiny blue “blasses”.  I posted about them below.  I took these 2 pictures today. 



She just makes me want to squeeze her and keep her small.  I do have pictures of Sass and SmartyPants, but since kids usually get a little more “neglected” the further they are in the lineup, I like to put my Sweet Pea out there front and center.  I promise I won’t neglect the middle child either.  She will get her fair share in the billing!

So there you have it, my entry to the challenge.  I’m excited to see what others have done.

Okay, I had to add one more.  Rarely is there a picture taken of Traveler and myself that I like.  We were out to dinner Friday night with our girls and my niece, and I held out my arm and took this one.  I love it.


What I learned this week

Mmm. There have actually been a couple of things I have learned this week.  The main one is to be careful where you put your emotional energy, it can really suck the life out of you if you’re not careful.  On a similar note, procrastination can be more painful than actually doing what whatever it is you’re procrastinating about.

The second thing I’ve learned has been that my kids will take advantage of whatever situation they can.  I think they are so grown up, I forget that they are 8 and 6 (and 3) and need to be monitored so they don’t get themselves into trouble.

(You’d think I’d remember to link back to what this little carnival is all about. I swear I’m losing my mind.  You’ll find it over at Musings of a Housewife.)

Shiny blue blasses

shiny blue blasses

Here is my Sweet Pea with the pair of shiny blue “blasses” that she picked out.  She has had them for about 2 weeks now.  She has started to look over the top of them instead of through them, which drives me batty as I am now constantly telling her to “look through your glasses!”  I think she is absolutely adorable with them on.  Hopefully, though, they are doing their job in strengthening her eye muscles and they will be short-lived…well at least until later on in childhood when all my kids will probably end up with glasses.  Unfortunately they come from a long line of crappy eyes.

It’s never as bad as you think

Well usually anyway.  I have been procrastinating about doing something for over a month now.  There has been too much going on in the rest of my life that I knew I couldn’t/wouldn’t be able to deal with it as well as I wanted to, so I’ve put it off.  Until today.  I did it.  It was a little disheartening, but not as horribly painful as I expected.  I didn’t hear anything I didn’t already know, and I think I handled it with grace and large amounts of common sense and rational thought.  Whether or not it was able to sink it…that I can’t be sure, but I’m glad I did it and it’s over…for now. 

So how’s that for a cryptic post? 

And on a lighter note?  I ran 3 miles straight this afternoon.  You know what? It felt good.  I’ve been waiting for it to feel good.  Hopefully it will feel that good on Monday too.

What’s wrong

I’m been feeling “out of sorts” lately.  Can’t really put my finger on it.  It might be a combination of things that I’ve been procrastinating about dealing with because I’m just not ready to deal with them yet.  And both aren’t bloggable.  I want to be an ostrich and stick my head in the sand and pop back out when things have magically fixed themselves and I can go back to my happy little Kirstenland world that I live in.  It’s my altered reality that I like to inhabit.  You know, where there is common sense and logic and reason and all of those things mesh with my view of the topic at hand?  Oh, wait, that place doesn’t exist.  Maybe that’s why I call it “Kirstenland” because it only exists in my head. 

The kids have been really great this week.  Working hard at their school work, playing nicely together, cooperating.  This should be thrilling me because with 3 kids it is rare that they get along for more than a couple of hours let alone a whole week.  I’ve been keeping up with my exercising and eating well.  I’ve been taking my drugs like a good girl.  Traveler and I have had more time together lately.  His trips this spring have been cut down from 7+ weeks to about 4-1/2.   All of this should lead to contentment. 

Hell, maybe it’s all just PMS.  Maybe it’s the stack of receipts I have to input into the computer.  Maybe it’s the fact that I”m putting off doing the taxes.  Not that I’m not expecting something back this year, we are, but I know it’s not really ours to spend.  It’s already spoken for. 

I think life just caught up to me.  Being an adult really sucks.  I am always reminded of George Carlin’s take on life and how it really should be lived from the opposite end – starting with old age and ending up with the orgasm.   It’s so true. 

I’m sure the funk will be gone soon…at least I hope so.  We have girl scout cookies to start delivering this weekend!