Wednesday check-in with the Sisters

I am quite proud of myself for this past week.  I have been pushing myself slightly on the treadmill, so I”ve been running farther.  Last Friday I went to Costco and they had Wii Fit’s.  I’ve wanted one partly to see what all the fuss was about, and partly because I think it would be nice to have an alternative to the treadmill for exercising.  (Although, if I don’t get to sync my iPod with Nike+, I don’t really feel like I’m accomplishing anything because I can’t look at a pretty graph associated with my numbers!)  So Friday afternoon after putting Sweet Pea down for a nap, I geared up and did my longest run in a very long time.  I ran for 3 miles and walked another 1.5 miles.  I have forgotten to mention that after I get off the treadmill, I also jump rope 100 times, and do at least 25 lunges.  I find this helps strengthen my muscles at the end of the workout by doing something a little different with them.  So after all of that, I broke out the Wii Fit.  I went through all the Yoga and all teh Strength Training.  I was so sore Saturday!  The Wii Fit told me I’m pretty strong, but my balance sucks.  I despise the balance exercises.  I have yet to succeed at any of them consistently.  And not to mention the hula hooping.  I don’t think I’ve made it over above 25 spins.  Sass and Smarty Pants have gotten much farther than I. 

Yesterday I went skiing with the girls.  I could feel how much stronger my legs have gotten in the past week.  I’m thrilled to feel my muscles regaining life and strength.  But I’m not sure I would have the level of motivation if it were for the Sisters!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! You are a workout machine, girl! I find myself motivated by your motivation!

    I’m waiting on my Wii Fit to get here, and I can’t wait to try it out.

    Have a great week!

  2. Great job on your loss AND your 4.5 miles Kirsten! That is awesome! Isn’t it great when you start feeling stronger??

  3. I’m jealous you got a Wii Fit! It’s sweet, though! Man, I agree with Christy, you are a workout monster! Doesn’t it feel great though? Great job!

  4. You totally ARE a work-out MACHINE!!! Way to go! Wow, I’m hearing SO many women rave about the Wii-Fit that I have to admit, I’m getting a WEE bit tempted!! I love walking outdoors, but I find that it really isn’t much of a workout anymore, even though I’m pushin’ it and doing 2 miles in half an hour. And I absolutely HATE jogging on my elliptical!!!!!!! So I’m thinkin’ the Wii-Fit might be the answer.

    Anyway, hope you have a great week ~ keep this pace up and it’s virtually guaranteed!!!

  5. Wow! I am so impressed with you. All of that working out is not easy to do, way to go!

  6. You are my hero. Seriously, good work.

  7. Thanks for this post – I feel motivated 🙂

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