My week of exercise

So far so good.  I had a pretty good week.  Friday was a little hard because I was working on lack of sleep, but I got on the treadmill anyway.  I have eaten fairly well trying to not be lazy about making a salad to go with dinner most nights.  I also turned down a bowl of ice cream Monday night.  Could I have eaten it? Yes, and it would have tasted good.  But I was actually full from dinner still, and I didn’t want to feel stuffed, so I didn’t eat it. 

 Yesterday the girls and I went skiing.  It was Sweet Pea’s first day, so today, my calves are extremely sore from snowplowing and stopping both of us.  I’m supposed to get on the treadmill today (according my “schedule”), but I think I’m going to put it off today until tomorrow in favor of getting work started earlier, so maybe I can spend time with the husband is actually home.  Hope everyone else had a good week.


3 responses to this post.

  1. That’s impressive! You turned down ice cream. I am impressed. I hope the rest of your week goes just as well!

  2. Way to go! Especially on turning down the ice cream! ;o)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Way to listen to your body! That’s great!

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