First ski day of the year

The sun was out.  It was in the mid 40s.  It was a beautiful day.  I just wish we had snow in our future.  Those of you you are further east of us are praying for the snow to stop…but I love Nevada snow.  It hits the valleys and is here for maybe a day or 2 and then goes away…but it lingers in the mountains for fantastic skiing.  If I wasn’t a skier – or had paid a bunch of money for ski lessons for the girls – it wouldn’t phase me too much.  But damn it, we need some more snow!!

Smarty Pants and Sass both took lessons last year and loved it.  They made significant progress and can make it down the green runs without much of a problem.  Sweet Pea had never touched skis before.  I found a fantastic deal on a second hand set of skis and boots for about $40.  You just can’t beat that.  And on top of it since she is under 6, she gets a free lift ticket.  Pretty much anything, in my book, that is free is fantastic.  My lift ticket is pretty cheap too since I will only be skiing on the easy runs with Sweet Pea.  All in all, the Pea did fantastic.  She desperately wanted to ride the lifts.  The way Diamond Peak is set up, their fantastically easy run starts at the base of all the rest, so you have to go down before you get on the lift.  Halfway down the first run, she tells me she doesn’t want to ski – with as much whine and fear you can imagine from her little face of 3.  But once I convinced her to stand up and use her own weight to carry her (and not my breaking back), she realized she liked feeling the breeze in her face.  We were up and down at least a dozen times today.  At the end she didn’t want to quit, but was so tired.  Right now she is passed out in bed.  I have a couple of pictures that I hope turned out and will post, probably tomorrow as I have a ton of work tonight, which I really should be starting, oh, right about now.

So, send a request to send some of that easterly snow west.  We sure could use it!


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  1. Nevada snow is pretty damn good! Check the conditions at your favorite Nevada ski resorts at OnTheSnow. Here’s the link to the Nevada snow-report page:

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