The end of a challenge

Today marks the end of the first challenge with the Sisterhood.  I think I said it before that I don’t own a scale.  I never have.  I’ve also been blessed with a fairly speedy metabolism, so I have never felt the pressure of knowing what that number is and maintaining.  Since graduating high school I’ve had a range of about 20 pounds not including pregnancy.  If I’m eating really healthy and getting lots of exercise, it is on the low end (which puts me in the too skinny for my height range – don’t hate me, hate my genetics).  So my part in this challenge was to get back to exercising regularly.  I have succeeded in that goal.  Since the challenge started (the beginning of December, right?) I have been on my treadmill for 45 miles.  This is pretty awesome considering it took me over 3 months to hit that mark prior to the beginning of the challenge.  I haven’t been eating quite as well, but blame the holidays.  If there is junk in my house, I feel I have to eat it (to save the children from having too much, ya know).  I still have some lingering candy in the house that is slowly dwindling away.  I cannot in good conscious throw away perfectly good chocolate that someone else gave me!

I’m looking forward to what the next challenge will be from the Sisterhood.


One response to this post.

  1. You are lucky and I admire you for taking the challenge to start exercising!

    We all look forward to having you join us again for the next challenge!

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