New Year

So the majority of everyone I read has made New Year’s resolution.  I usually don’t make any.  Not sure why.  Maybe because I think my life is fantastic? Or, maybe realistically, I don’t feel like making a list that might inspire feelings of guilt at the end of the year for not accomplishing the things written down.  And really, as a homeschooling mother of 3 who works part-time and has other outside obligations, do I really need to add more guilt?

But to humor myself, I’ll make a couple of goals for the year.  I would like to stay on top of my running/exercising, which means 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes.  I would like to be able to say that I ran a half-marathon by year’s end.  I did it in 2007, but wimped out in 2008.  I believe this is attainable. 

The second would be to have more fun with the kids.  Being their mother/teacher usually puts me in a mode of task-master.  I want this schooling at home thing to open doors for us to do more fun things together and really enjoy being with them while they have fun.  The older 2 will be taking ski lessons starting the 13th, and I will be putting Sweet Pea on skis for the first time.  So I am hoping to have patience to enjoy the process and not be grumpy.

Honestly, I always try to live every day the best I can.  Some days it’s more successful than others, but I try every day.


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  1. I have the half-marathon goal myself. I did one in ’07 but mostly walked, so I would like to do another and run a majority of it!

  2. Posted by livinginagirlsworld on January 5, 2009 at 1:35 am

    I ran about 10 miles of the 13.1. I know if I got motivated I could run all 13.1. So here’s hoping my running mojo comes back, ‘cuz it’s been missing lately.

  3. Hey there- you are starting to creep me out with our similarities. I don’t make resolutions, either. I figure, you don’t need them- do it or don’t.
    And, I am working on upping my running, too. I LOVE half marathons. In the past, I’ve run several and a marathon and even a 30K once, but the half is my favorite. Maybe I’ll look up what’s coming to my area and see if I can map out a plan for myself.
    My husband doesn’t travel, but he was airborne. Now, my son goes to Ft. Hood for Sea Cadets, you know, the Navy program for kids.
    I also didn’t realize that you homeschooled, I’ve got to go into your archives, I guess. We decided to start homeschooling this year. Last week was our first go at it. I love it so far, but I was exhausted! lol. Oh well, I’ll blog about it sometime. But, not yet.

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