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One reason I miss Idaho is the exact opposite of why I missed Nevada so much.  We lived outside of Boise and compared to Northern Nevada the moutains were very sparse.  I missed them after growing up in Nevada.  Last weekend the girls and I headed back to see friends in Idaho.  Traveler had drill up in Boise, so we sort of made a weekend out of it – mind you, a very long weekend with way too much driving.  Our friends that we were staying with have, I think, about 5 acres (probably more).  They have chickens, goats, a horse, and a handful of cows.  Well the cows not so much anymore because we have half of one in our freezer now.  They live about 15-20 miles outside of town.  This sunset with the wide open horizon took my breath away.  My camera is nothing special but I was hoping to be able to capture the essence of it.  They are a bit small and will get bigger if you click on them – which unfortunately makes them a bit grainy. 

Nevada’s sunsets are framed by the moutains and have a beauty in their own right.  Maybe I’ll try and take a couple of pictures to compare.


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  1. Those are gorgeous! I’ve never seen an Idaho sunset, but I see them in Nevada, usually while I’m driving home from Vegas and I know those are beautiful.

  2. This really is a beautiful country, no? I hope you post more photos of things you like to look at in your area.

  3. Posted by livinginagirlsworld on December 13, 2008 at 8:10 am

    It hasn’t been very cloudy here in Northern Nevada, but I will keep my eyes peeled and my camera handy so in case it does, I can snap one with the mountains. I do have a few pictures from back in August of Lake Tahoe that turned out kind of neat.

  4. […] that was a long time ago and I was twitterpated at the time.  I took some sunset pictures back here and here.  There hasn’t been a sky that has lent itself to pictures like those, but I did my […]

  5. AMAZING!!

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