Shrinking Jeans weekly update

Here’s my weekly update of my get healthier in December kick.

Since last Wednesday I have been on the treadmill twice – last Wednesday and Thursday.  I was out of town from Friday through Monday with 2 days essentially eating in the car and not very healthy foods either.  I made the yummy mistake of making cookies with the girls last week.  I am not in the habit of making goodies, because I feel the need to eat them.  Usually when I make cookies I only cook enough at a time for everyone to have one (maybe 2 cookies for the parents!) and then keep the rest of the dough in the fridge.  It helps because if I’m looking for something to nibble on, and I have to wait for the oven to warm up and then cook the dough, it isn’t worth the wait.  I’m lazy and impatient!  I ate the last 2 cookies yesterday morning.  Not the best mid morning snack – but there were only 2 left and I have 3 kids.  You can’t really split that so everyone is happy – so I ate them! 

My plan is to get on the treadmill today and Friday definitely.  I hope to make it tomorrow afternoon or Saturday before we celebrate Sweet Pea’s birthday.  So I guess I have to include not going overboard on the cake and ice cream this weekend as a goal too.  I am hoping that enough people will come that I won’t have any leftover cake.  Ice cream I can resist because, once again, it takes effort to scoop the damn stuff out of the carton, so my laziness will take over.  Good luck to the rest of the “sisterhood”.


3 responses to this post.

  1. You can beat the cake for sure! I wish you all the luck this week and we are so very happy you are taking the challenge!

  2. You can do it! Have an amazing week.

  3. For me, it was the Crunch n’ Munch. I have NO idea how it made it into the house! But, the best part about exercising is that it relieves the cravings for the sweet, junky stuff. At least, it does for me.
    I have taken to letting the kids decorate the cakes. Totally cures me for wanting to eat them. Of course, the other kids still think they are amazing cakes, which makes my sons baking gods in the ‘hood.

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