The possibilities

Despite the fact that Traveler is on the road again for about 24 hours – all because when someone gives him a deadline (no matter if it was “firm” or not) he must complete said task by that date – I hate him being away.  It’s been a considerable amount this year.  The other night I was avoiding working and looking around at  and saw the jobs tab.  Curious, I click on it.  It is essentially an “are you interested” form to offer anyone interested in a possible appointment in the Obama administration.  Traveler is a schmoozer.  I mean that in the most respectful way.  He stands a whopping 5 feet 3 inches tall, and I think people underestimate him on a whole, but put him in a room full of people and he will find the one person in room that can offer opportunity and advancement.  It’s like Gaydar, but better!  So, I sent him the link.  He is going to be filling out the long form application in the next couple of day.  I don’t know the possibility of his name, of all the people I’m sure would want the opportunity, getting picked, but to pass on something like that.  He has always talked about wanting to go into politics because not only does he know how to play the game, he has good, sound ideas that are practical.  He also has an overwhelmingly strong work ethic.  To pass up a possible opportunity to be a part of this hopefully “something great” of the Obama presidency, would be insane.  Let’s hear it for possibility!!


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  1. I must check out that site. I wonder how his admin team will sift through all those applications to find people for jobs. Sounds like a huge undertaking.

    I like the WordPress format. I need to check it out. I am using a blogspot account…very few formats, changes to layoout don’t always work.

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