Belated Veteran’s Day Post

Sass’s Daisy troop made Veteran’s Day cards at their meeting last week which were to be delivered to the veterans hospital on Veteran’s Day.  As I am not usually the kind of person to take on additional duties because my schedule is usually slightly insane, I wasn’t sure how the cards were going to make it there, but figured the trooper leader had a plan.  Traveler ended up picking up Sass at her meeting because I was busy finishing up my work for the evening so I could enjoy our little election night soiree we had planned.  Traveler, being the kind, helpful, military man that he is, offered our family to make the delivery. 

So yesterday, the family headed up to the Veteran’s Hospital in Reno with 23 cards in hand.  We knocked on doors and Sass and Smarty did most of the hand delivery with the understanding that they were to look into their eyes, tell them “Happy Veteran’s Day” and “Thank you for your service”.  My girls are pretty shy when it comes to first meetings with new people and throw in “older” and “sick” and I wasn’t sure how they would handle it.  They did awesome.  The veterans (all men) were very happy to shake hands with a cute girl and receive a hand-made card.  I think the nurses were happy to have us there too. 


We talked about all the people we know that are veterans – Daddy, Poppy (my dad), Grampus (Traveler’s dad), Grampa L (Traveler’s grandpa), and friends they know who have served.  I always choke up when I talk to the girls about how important it is to recognize and show our appreciation for others who have sacrificed.  I want them to have a better understanding of our country and our history so they can understand earlier than I ever did.  We talked about how we, as a family, have sacrificed because Daddy has had to go on trips for the Air Force, and how others have sacrificed much more that we have. 

On a lighter note, here are a few of the latest pics of my Sweet Pea.  She is so yummy sometimes I want to eat her up.  pathetic-nov08fun-girl-nov08


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