Here in lies so many problems

Okay, just surfing away tonight and am finding specifics that really just scare the heck out of me.  Via BitchPhD, there is this:

This is my major problem with the anti-choice movement.  I can’t call them by their own moniker of “pro-life” because these laws that are trying to be passed forget that there is another living person that needs to be thought about.  Unintended consequences that aren’t thought of, that need to be acknowledged.  I am not “pro-abortion”.  I am “pro” women’s rights.  I am “pro” women being able to make educated decisions about their own damn body. 

I had a miscarriage at just shy of 12 weeks.  I was told that I needed a D&C because the natural miscarriage wasn’t complete, and they “needed to take care of it”.  Here’s the background: I knew I was going to miscarry because of an ultrasound that showed no life.  A few days later I experienced what I thought was a complete miscarriage at home.  After I stopped bleeding and had no more contractions for about 12 hours, I started bleeding again and passing tissue.  I was a little scared and went to the doctor to make sure that what I was experiencing was normal.  They ended up confirming that this was “normal”.  So I wanted to go home.  The OB whom I saw sent a nurse in to give me a hep-lock because they were planning on admitting me for that D&C.  I questioned why they needed to perform this when my body was doing it on its own.  I also questioned the risks involved.  This was my first pregnancy.  I didn’t want to have my cervix artificially dilated for fear of them damaging my cervix which could lead to difficulties in carrying to term for future pregnancies.  The response I got came across as, ” you don’t know what you’re talking about.  I’m a doctor, you’re not.”  Needless to say I spoke with the attending at the hospital and I was released to go home with an appointment for follow up in a week to make sure everything was okay.  If I hadn’t educated myself and being doing a ton of reading, things might have turned out differently.  I went on to have 3 beautiful daughters; none of them born in a hospital.  The first born at a freestanding birth center by a CNM, the second born at home with a professional midwife (PM), and the third born at a hospital run birth center with the most amazing OB who respected my wishes and let my labor run the show. 

So, if you didn’t get my point – women should be educated and given options about what happens to their bodies.  They should be given respect, because in times of emotional and physical hardships, the last thing a woman wants is to be powerless.


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