Willow Tree Reindeer

Yesterday I took the girls out to a fellow homeschooler’s house where she had arranged to have a guy nicknamed “Willow Bill” come and help the kids build a reindeer out willow branches.  For the past 10 years this man has donated his time and resources to involve kids of every age in this community project.  Over the years he has visited many schools, scouting troops, and the local Boys and Girls clubs and allowed the kids to have a hands on experience building something that is publicly displayed in the community.  The reindeer are fitted with lights.  The capital building’s lawn is lit up every Christmas with reindeer made by kids.  He is trying to get enough reindeer made to line the 20 miles of road between north of Carson City and the south end of Carson City.  Every child that helps build the reindeer gets to sign their name on the reindeer. 

The girls had a blast.  Both SmartyPants and Sassafrass participated.  Sweet Pea was tired due to missing her nap in order for us to take part in reindeer construction.  But she did come around at the end and have her picture taken with the reindeer. 


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