“Pumpkin Patch”

So living in northern Nevada on the edge of the Sierra Mountains doesn’t lend itself to pumpkin patches.  In Idaho we would drive out to the pumpkin patch – you know, where the pumpkins are still attached to the vine in the field? – and take our pick.  So the girls and I headed out for a field trip to one of the many local “pumpkin patches” around us.  They had a whole circus of bounce houses there and a big inflatable red thing to be jumped, which turned out to be the favorite.  The girls each painted a small pumpkin and I have pictures as soon as I get them off my phone, because even though I actually remembered the camera today.  I turned it on, and it promptly turned itself off.  Yes, I brought a non-charged camera.  You know back in the day I could have run across the street to the gas station (yes there was a gas station on one side and a whole shopping complex complete with Wal-Mart across the street) and buy some batteries and heck even some film if I was out.  And, you know what, if I told my kids I needed to buy film, the would look at me like I grew a second head that instant.  They also had pony rides at this place.  I have problems going places that are called one thing (i.e. a pumpkin patch) and are actually another.  This was a fake farm.  There was also a small petting zoo with goats and ducks, which I didn’t let them do because I forgot the wipes and we had packed a lunch to eat while there. 

Funny story about Sweet Pea.  She was sitting in the back seat of the truck with an old disposable camera.  Even though she could only see the back of my head, she repeatedly asked me to say “cheese” so she could take my picture.  In between shots, she would say things that I say when I’m taking pictures of them such as, “no, that’s not a good one” or “let’s try that one again”.  It dawned on me that she is definitely a child of the 21st century when after telling me to say “cheese” she said, “That’s a good one.  We’ll send that one to daddy!”  So my youngest has always lived in a world where you could take pictures with your phone and immediately share them with those you love.  Times have changed since I was a kid…and I’m not that old.


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