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“Pumpkin Patch”

So living in northern Nevada on the edge of the Sierra Mountains doesn’t lend itself to pumpkin patches.  In Idaho we would drive out to the pumpkin patch – you know, where the pumpkins are still attached to the vine in the field? – and take our pick.  So the girls and I headed out for a field trip to one of the many local “pumpkin patches” around us.  They had a whole circus of bounce houses there and a big inflatable red thing to be jumped, which turned out to be the favorite.  The girls each painted a small pumpkin and I have pictures as soon as I get them off my phone, because even though I actually remembered the camera today.  I turned it on, and it promptly turned itself off.  Yes, I brought a non-charged camera.  You know back in the day I could have run across the street to the gas station (yes there was a gas station on one side and a whole shopping complex complete with Wal-Mart across the street) and buy some batteries and heck even some film if I was out.  And, you know what, if I told my kids I needed to buy film, the would look at me like I grew a second head that instant.  They also had pony rides at this place.  I have problems going places that are called one thing (i.e. a pumpkin patch) and are actually another.  This was a fake farm.  There was also a small petting zoo with goats and ducks, which I didn’t let them do because I forgot the wipes and we had packed a lunch to eat while there. 

Funny story about Sweet Pea.  She was sitting in the back seat of the truck with an old disposable camera.  Even though she could only see the back of my head, she repeatedly asked me to say “cheese” so she could take my picture.  In between shots, she would say things that I say when I’m taking pictures of them such as, “no, that’s not a good one” or “let’s try that one again”.  It dawned on me that she is definitely a child of the 21st century when after telling me to say “cheese” she said, “That’s a good one.  We’ll send that one to daddy!”  So my youngest has always lived in a world where you could take pictures with your phone and immediately share them with those you love.  Times have changed since I was a kid…and I’m not that old.


Completed my civic duty

I love early voting.  I think is better than standing in lines on election day with 3 kids who’d rather be anywhere else than standing in line waiting for mom to vote.  Traveler and I tag-teamed the county clerk’s office so the girls didn’t have to stand in line even though it was short.  We were in and out of there in 30 minutes.  Voting felt good. 

I’m sorry I missed the rally on Saturday though.  It was a good speech except for a bit of snark.  The couple of digs Obama made made me snicker, but at the same time I don’t want him to snark.  I want him to last these last 10 days of the election without dropping to McCain/Palin’s level.  We were his first stop after leaving Hawaii and his grandmother.  Maybe the stress of that was showing though.  During his interview on ABC Friday morning he said that he didn’t think his grandmother would see election day.  For her sake and his, I hope she does get to see him win the election. 

Here’s to the future that begins with a celebration on November 4th!

Birthday Girl is 8!

Today is the official day that I gain an 8-year-old daughter. 

Here’s a picture of her cake.  She needed a horse cake.  She wanted a horse-themed party, but I couldn’t find anything out there in various craft stores, Target, and even the dollar stores that conformed to her desires.  So a horse cake was the extent of the theme. 

This is her blowing out her candle with her friends looking on.  She was thrilled.  Usually I make the kids wait until the weekend after their birthdays to have their party, but Traveler out of town this week, I wanted to make sure we had all hands on deck to help with the party/the siblings. 



I have pictures that need downloading of Smarty Pants’ birthday party this weekend.  I can hardly believe she’s going to be 8.  Her birthday is technically Thursday, so hopefully by then I will have picture evidence here of the cake the proud girl.

Trying out the WordPress way

We’ll see how this works in comparison to blogger.  Have heard good things.


I was stunned by what McCain alluded to regarding abortion last night in the debate. So much so that I actually barely caught what he said, in between shushing kids.

Many others have summed up my feelings. Here’s one. Here’s another.

I am going to try and add my 2 cents.

It makes me sad that there are so many people out there who are so set against something that it doesn’t occur to them the reality of the “whys”. Many say that the “why” doesn’t matter, but it does. It matters so deeply to the person who is making that life choice. This doesn’t revolve just around abortion. You can say the same thing about marriage. Why do people choose divorce? I personally can’t fathom getting a divorce, just as I can’t fathom getting an abortion. For me, these are situations that I can’t fathom experiencing. Does that mean that someone else hasn’t had a life experience different than my own? Does it mean that everyone else is capable of making the same decisions I’ve made in my life? Short answer? NO. I’ve made many decisions in my life, some of them better than others, but they are decisions that made me who I am today. These same decisions, good and bad, have helped create my view of the world. I know there are others who have a far different background and have made far different choices than I. Do I begrudge them their viewpoint? No, I most certainly do not. But I also don’t try to tell them how to live their life.

But to have a politician seeking the highest position in our country tell me that I shouldn’t have a say in how I live my life is ludicrous! The only expert on my life is me, and McCain was saying (along with the anti-choice movement) that I’m too stupid to make thoughtful, intelligent decisions about MY OWN LIFE!! I thought this was America. Where people have historically wanted to come so they can be free to make important decisions in their life without the government sticking their nose into everyday citizens’ lives. I thought America protected individual liberties. The only changes I see being fought for by the Right is for people’s personal freedoms to be restricted.

Why is it that the Right wants a small government with little interference into their personal lives, but only if you believe in the same God, believe women can’t make choices about their own bodies intelligently, or allow those who love each other to marry regardless of who they love?

You can’t have it both ways. The government can’t stay out of its citizens’ lives unless in the case were one group believes it needs to control the rest of the population.

Am I coherent? Not sure. But I do know that I’m sad…and scared for our future if McCain is elected. Here’s to celebrating the election of President Obama!

Never Gonna Let You Down

This I love. Can’t figure out exactly what’s going on, but I love the shots from McCain, Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain, etc.  Their faces?  Priceless.

Race For the Cure

This morning we awoke before the sun, put on layers of clothes and head off for the annual Race for the Cure.

This was our 4th year doing it. We went for the first time 5 years ago because almost 6 years ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. (We missed going 2 years ago due to moving.) She got the results of the biopsy on Christmas Eve. Sassafrass was just a month old and we were back in NV for Christmas. It was an emotional time. Mom went through chemo and radiation. I made at least 2 road trips between Idaho and Nevada with 2 kids in tow on my own when my mom was due for chemo. I wanted to be here for her and to do some of the cooking and cleaning along with being a PIA – reminding her to drink her fluids and to eat even when she didn’t really feel like it.

So Race for the Cure means something to me. It reminds me that we are not invincable. It reminds me of my own mortality and how people my age have been diagnosed and died from breast cancer.

My mom, as a survivor, gets a few perks. One is close parking to the event. This year she actually ended up with 2 “survivor parking pass”es. She offered one to me because of the girls. I declined her offer. I felt that taking advantage of that would be giving karma a shove…and I like to promote positive/good karma out into the world, not bad!

I am so proud of my mom and that we get to walk together in support of an organization that helps so many women all over the country get access to screening and medical care that they might not have otherwise along with just plain old raising awareness.

Remember, knowledge is power!

I meant to bring the camera and I forgot, so I don’t have any pictures of my girls in their oversized “Race” T-shirts walking the 5K. Next year, I promise!