Politics – Gotta Love It, Right?

This here is one of the many reasons why I wouldn’t even consider voting McCain/Palin. There is no way these people speak for me. It repulses me that the GOP (and it’s right-wingers) want, and keep trying, to make things less equal and less free in our country. What I hear is, “Stay out of my life, but I won’t stay out of yours if you don’t believe exactly how I do.” Constitution says all men are created equal, but not if you are gay/lesbian, poor, un/under insured, a woman (especially a pregnant one), or not “Christian”. (I put quotes because any TRUE Christian would not be condemning others. Jesus taught love and compassion and helping those less fortunate than you.)

There is part of me that wants to just put the blinders on and wait until November 4th and then celebrate. But then part of me wants to scream at our country and say WTF! I just cannot fathom how the McCain/Palin/GOP philosophy of treating others is going to help our country come together and work together to “create a more perfect union”. We need to be striving to be better, not more exclusive. Talk about elitism.

And to top if off an article from the NY Times that I got from uncle. The rest of the world doesn’t even want to follow us anymore. The good old US of A is not what other countries strive to be like any more. We went from being role models to being the class bully.

Okay, done ranting for the day….I think.


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