Do I Dare Say It Out Loud?

I’m not sure if it’s because every day is back to having purpose with school work and a schedule, but *pre-emptively knocks on wood* my kids have been pretty decent lately to each other. A month ago, geez, I wanted to strangle them every 5 minutes. This week, there has still been the bickering and whining like there is in a house with 3 kids, but there has been much more laughter and happily playing together. It is so nice to hear. Part of me thinks both M and B are just adapting to this school at home thing together and realizing that they have a wonderful playmate in each other. Although, I’m sure it is a fluke. All 3 birthdays are coming up, and that is a recipe for disaster. B’s is first in October. She loves the presents that ALL. FOR. HER! Unfortunately then M’s birthday is in November and B has trouble dealing with the fact that M is getting stuff that she didn’t get. And poor little S has to wait until December for hers – of which she wants everything that her sisters got plus the stuff she originally wanted. I’m hoping B will actually not turn into the green-eyed monster this year. It’s not pretty.

I’m hoping with T’s return this weekend that they don’t start back in with it all trying to get his attention – because they really all are attention whores (wait, what did I just call my daughters?). They will be all over him, which is great – absolutely wonderful that they miss their dad when he is gone. But there will actually be fights about who gets to sit next to daddy, I want to talk to daddy, etc.

So, for now I’m going to enjoy the relative harmony that is existing in my house.


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