No time.

Okay, really I do have time to post, but then I feel guilty about not paying any attention to the kids. With T gone for 2 weeks, I feel they should get some parent time. Crazy, right? Pay attention to your kids? Really. I suppose that’s the right thing to do. Even though I did spend hours with the older two doing school work today.

Yes, T’s gone again. He’s in Texas (which I’m glad I’m not – humidity is not my friend) for 2 weeks for training for the Guard. I guess you could say that he was gone for the 2 weeks before then too. He was working 10+ hour days starting the Monday after getting back from Colorado until last Friday. The kids would see a zombie-like dad walk in the door at 5:30/6 o’clock. He would get to do the evening bath/bed routine, but I was tired just thinking about being up for that many hours and away from the house.

So, anyway, I should get started on my paying job so maybe I’m not up until past 11 working tonight.


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