Okay, I think I’m recovering from both the trip and my vertigo. (Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself as I type this.) I’ve still been pretty tired. Yesterday I actually took a nap. That never happens…well maybe a couple of times, but I was pregnant then. (And no, that is DEFINITELY not a possibility!) So my head is still a little off center, but I can actually look in a direction other than straight ahead.

And, even though the past couple of days of feeling like I might fall over, I actually cleaned my house (with lots of help from my kids. No sarcasm here, they actually did dishes and vaccuumed and scrubbed mirrors and bathroom sinks. They can be awesome kids when they want to) because Bunko was last night…at my house. It was fun, as usual. I think my chicken salad was a hit (although I did steal it from here). Although I presented mine with the option of having it on a croissant or as a wrap with either basil-tomato or spinach-herb tortillas. Luckily I made extra (a lot extra), so I get to have leftovers for lunch – for a few days. Also for dessert I made this chocolate cake, which I think needs to be eaten at room temperature. I took mine out of the fridge and served it and I think it was a little dry, but when I was putting it away after it had been on the counter for over an hour, it was quite delicious.

Overall it was a good time. My mom even subbed and won for most Bunko’s. Go Mom!

I’m off to doctor’s appointments and registering M and B up for our local homeschool co-op for the fall. Keep your fingers crossed that my head stays relatively normal indefintely. I don’t need to be starting off my weeks with vertigo.


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