I’m probably going to be posting some pictures this weekend of M and B on their motorcycle. T grew up riding dirt bikes. He bought his first one as an adult after he graduated from college. A huge occurence because he was the first in his family to get his Bachelor’s degree. Then he decided it should be a family endevour, so after moving to Nevada and our house being a half mile from BLM land where they could ride, he bought a little one for the girls with training wheels. Did you know they make training wheels for dirk bikes? It is quite adorable. I have to add that I don’t ride. T keeps insisting he will get me up and going, but bikes are heavy, and I, on a good day, weigh a buck-15, and I’m a little nervous about falling over on it! I’m not the most coordinated person on the face of the earth. Heck, I had to start wearing my watch with the face on the inside of my wrist in high school because I wouldn’t take the corner into the hallway sharp enough and smack my hand into the wall. I had paint chips covering numbers on my watch. So back to the girls.

We’ve been trying to get out at least every other weekend. There is at least one weekned a month that we can’t go. T has drill for the Air Guard once a month, and I am not strong enough to get those bikes on and off the truck. The girls are doing pretty well. M has a natural grace about riding. Knows automatically how to navigate the bumps and turns. Last night T bought the girls boots. I think the training wheels are going to be coming off soon, and I want those little legs protected!

So, if I remember to take my camera, I will take some pictures of their cuteness all helmetted and booted up amongst the sagebrush and dirt.


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