Rearranging and school

I was a military brat. We moved about every 2 years until I was 11. Since I graduated high school I have moved everywhere between 1 year and 4 years between at least houses if not cities. One of my quirks is that I have to rearrange the furniture in at least one of the rooms of my house every few months. Even when I wasn’t physically moving, I have still felt the need to change the look of my environment. I don’t need big changes, but just looking at furniture in a different place gives me a fresh new feeling.

I just spent the last 2 hours rearranging my office/school room. As I said before M, my middle girl, is officially starting kindergarten in the fall. She has her desk and it has been smack dab in the middle of the room, which looked odd. So, now I have what sorta looks like a school room. My desk is facing the other desks. The girls rightly assumed that this way I can keep an eye on them when they are doing their work. *smirk*

My girls think that I’ve been what I call “mean mommy”. Since school officially let out, I’ve been printing off about 6 worksheets a week. A little Math, English, geography, a little science coloring to boot. They are to get done about 2 pages a day. I’m trying to keep their little minds active. We started in a virtual school when B started kindergarten. She was already reading and fairly ahead of the game prior to kindergarten starting, and I didn’t want her to be bored. I have vivid memories from my own childhood of sitting in kindergarten while the teacher raised the fun and colorful letter cards up and everyone would say “A” together. I remember feeling like I knew all of this already. Then we moved overseas and it was even worse. There weren’t any options for schooling back then, especially in American Samoa. My parents set things up so I would meet with the 1st grade teacher’s aid (I think) either before or after my kindergarten class to work on reading. This was nice. I enjoyed that time. So my point being, if I had a choice I didn’t want B to have to go through that feeling, get bored, and maybe stop wanting to learn. This virtual school has been wonderful – really the best of both worlds. I’ve gotten to be as involved as I want to be in her education and yet I have support of a teacher and a school that does all the heavy lifting – choosing curriculum, grading, etc. In Idaho, where were living before come back to Nevada, there were so many options. Charter schools all over, plus a handful of virtual options, and even a very open outlook on homeschooling (though I didn’t feel comfortable doing it all on my own). So, come this fall I will have 2 in this program.

Granted all of this is possible because I work at home. When I started taking my course in medical transcription, I never envisioned what it really would be to my family. At the time Tim was just in his first year of active duty, and I wasn’t thrilled about the social environment we lived in at the time. Lots of ugliness going on in the city we lived in, and I didn’t want to be out there working among that. We knew we were going to have kids one day. We also didn’t know if he was going to make a career out of the military or not, so I wanted to be assured that where ever we moved in the states, that I would be able to take my job with me. I have been a medical transcriptionist for just shy of 9 years. It has allowed me to stay home, work around the kids’ schedules, and still contribute to the outside world – from the comfort of my home. I’m really an introvert, so being at home suits me. So, I work on the computer, do school through an online school, and, to me, life is good.


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