Summer days.

Today was a fairly good day. The roofers didn’t start in until almost 7:30, which allowed me to sleep in and start the day before the hammering did. My oldest 2, M- and B-, have started taking piano lessons , so we had that to do this morning. This afternoon we spent up at the lake. M (who’s 5) really wants to join the local swim team but she has to be able to do some version of the freestyle stroke for 25 meters to be able to join. She needs to work on breathing, because her locomotion is pretty good, but once she runs out of air, she’s done. So there is actually a pool at one the beaches, and that is where were headed. The pool by the lake. I’ve never really understood that, but I’ll take it now! I think she just needs to spend more time in the water and it will come. Unfortunately I’m not a swimmer. I never got the breathing thing down. I can hold my own, but don’t ask too much more than that. I’m not sure if I’m really the best person to be helping her, but she really wants to be a swimmer, so I will help her to the best of my abilities.

After the swimming was over, I left my oldest, B (who’s 7) with my parents as she was going to spend the night with them and my niece, and took M back down the mountain to meet up with the Tim’s parents as they were going to take her and my other niece and nephew for the night. With Tim being gone this weekend for drill in Idaho, it was me and my baby. She is such a sweet kid. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy her company. She is only 2-1/2, but man she makes me laugh. She is so strong-willed and determined to “do it myself”. When she is not competing for center stage with her sisters, it is so much easier to let her be. We went shopping together. She missed her nap due to the lake/pool excursion, but she handles it so well when I do torture her.

She is potty training and doing pretty well at it, so I needed to buy her more underwear. We hit the sales at Gap. I love the Gap and Banana Republic, but I refuse to buy anything there full price. I actually got a pair of nice slacks that were originally priced at $120 for $10 on the sale rack. Fit perfectly, so I couldn’t pass them up. Victoria’s Secret was also having an underwear sale (don’t ask me to call them the “p” word as I detest it). When we walked in S looked up and saw the mannequins dressed in fairly skimpy bras and underwear and says as loud as she could without actually shouting, “Mommy, look at the pretty Barbies!” I had to laugh, because really the barbies that have entered this house have not been as a result of me, and they are 95% of the time naked, so really these mannequins did look like her barbies. The sales girl, who couldn’t have been much into her 20s, laughed too.

I swear people out in retail are just babies themselves. I’m not old, I’m about to be 32, but I feel young. The only time I start to feel “older” is when I see people who look way to young to be doing the things that they are doing, like working in Victoria’s Secret or having a drink at a bar.

Anyway, now the babe is in bed crashed out from her day of fun, and I should be getting some work done because the girls and I have a party to go to tomorrow afternoon. I might actually post some pictures. The name of the party is “The White Trash Bash”; this is the 5th annual version of it too. It is a costume party and this year they are classing it up. So I’m going a little 70s disco with a wig and a little trashy makeup. I might actually post some pictures if I figure out how to do that. The girls are getting dressed up too. The older 2 are wearing some tartlet outfits of halter tops and way-too-short bottoms. I still have to finish S’s outfit. I found a camoflagued shirt that says “you can’t see me” on it. It is long enough to be a dress for her, so I’m going to cut it to make it into either a halter or a tank dress.

Okay, I’ve procrastinated enough. ‘Night.


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