My 100 Things

1.  I have been running/jogging since I was 5 years old.

2.  I love cats and dogs, but cats are SO much easier to handle.

3.  Cats and dogs are easier than kids.

4.  It goes without saying that I love my girls.

5.  Growing up I always thought I would only have two kids.

6.  And then Sass turned 1 and I wasn’t ready to be done with babyhood.

7.  I have had two miscarriages, both past the 12-week “safe zone”.

8.  The first miscarriage was my first pregnancy.

9.  I was very nervous throughout my pregnancy with SmartyPants.

10.  I am an advocate for empowering women to be knowledgeable of their options and decision in pregnancy and childbirth.

11.  This is one of my soap boxes that I try not to stand on unless specifically asked by someone truly interested in my opinion.

12.  SmartyPants was born at a freestanding birth center.  Sass was born at home.  Sweet Pea was born in a hospital-run birth center.  All were natural and empowering and totally different experiences.

13.  My husband thinks I’m a control freak.

14.  I am, but not in the “normal” way.

15.  I’m a planner, so when the plan is disrupted by outside sources that is totally unexpected, I get uptight.

16.  When I was 10 I went to China with my family and insisted I hold my boarding pass.

17.  I almost didn’t get on the plane because I dropped the boarding pass.

18.  There was a long wait-list for that flight.

19.  A good Samaritan turned in my boarding pass.

20.  This was the first time I saw my dad get nervous about something.

21.  It made me scared to see my dad nervous.

22.  I have one older brother with whom I have very little in common.

23.  By the time I was 11 I had moved 6 times.

24.  My Christmas list when I was 12 included the desire to stay in my home town until I graduated.

25.  It might have been the only thing I actually received on that list.

26.  I never did get a TV in my room until I was paying my own rent.

27.  I point this out to my kids when they say I’m not fair about “keeping up with the Joneses”.

28.  I have walked on the Great Wall of China.

29.  The steps are not uniform in size/height.

30.  I had my eyes prayed over in a Buddist Temple in Shanghai.

31.  It took PRK surgery to get my vision better.

32.  I love that I can roll over in the middle of the night and read the clock without squinting.

33.  I lived in Central Texas for 4 years.

34.  It was hot and miserable during the summer.

35.  Two good things came out of that time – some good friends and SmartyPants was born there.

36.  My other two daughters were born in Idaho.

37.  I love Idaho.

38.  Even though I love Idaho, I don’t want to move back there.

39.  I only keep in touch with one person that I graduated with.

40.  I remember not wanting to get a computer back in 1998 because I thought it was too expensive and we didn’t really need one.

41.  We now have 4 computers in our house.

42.  One of the few things that I LOVE about summer is the homegrown tomatoes.

43.  I hate being hot – unless I’m exercising.

44.  I have known my husband since I was 13.

45.  He was one of my brother’s junior high friends.

46.  They skateboarded together.

47.  We didn’t start dating until the last month of my senior year of high school.

48.  We’ve been married for 11+ years.

49.  No matter how much he may drive me crazy, I know I don’t want to be without him.

50.  I can be a romantic.

51.  But I don’t like surprises.

52.  I don’t like to cry.

53.  For me it is showing my weaknesses.

54.  I don’t like to admit I have weaknesses.

55.  I have trouble going to sleep before 10 o’clock no matter how tired I am.

56.  I miss central air conditioning.

57.  I love the size of my house but sometimes I wish it were smaller and easier to clean.

58.  I love having my kids home with me for school.

59.  But I am so happy to have found a good preschool for Sweet Pea. I don’t have the patience for that age group.

60.  One of my favorites memories from childhood is sitting in crab apple trees with my best friend imagining that when we grew up we would be inventors and make a secret hide-out that from the outside looked like a normal tree, but inside it had all the bells and whistles of technology inside.

61.  I have found the blogging world to be a fantastic, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

62.  I have broadened my horizons by reading blogs from different viewpoints.

63.  I am been able to firm up my own beliefs by reading more eloquent writers.

64.  I don’t love/crave certain foods.  I eat because I’m hungry.

65.  Coffee is a must in my morning.

66.  I didn’t need it to function until I was pregnant with Sweet Pea.

67.  Two kids in preschool, working 25 hours a week, and commute time was exhausting.

68.  I have been a medical transcriptionist for 10 years.

69.  It has allowed me to be home with my kids and work around their schedules.

70.  I don’t have many true friends.

71.  It’s by choice to protect my own heart.

72.  I am very loyal.

73.  But if you cross me, I will be civil to you, but don’t expect more than pleasantries.

74.  I thought moving back to my hometown was admitting that I couldn’t hack the “real world”.

75.  Now my children are reaping the benefits of living within miles of their grandparents and cousins.

76.  My parents are awesome.

77.  When we moved back to town, my family of 5 plus 1 dog and 2 cats moved into their 2000-sq-ft house for seven months.  It was a long 7 months.

78.  I wish I felt comfortable volunteering and being around new people.

79.  But I don’t, so I feel guilty for not doing more in my community.

80.  I don’t like crowds.

81.  Sometimes I feel like a fraud as an adult.

82.  I just celebrated the 12th anniversary of my 21st birthday.

83.  I spent that anniversary climbing a mountain.

84.  I ate bad pizza alone in a hotel room with my brother when I was 5 in Fiji.  I remember getting up in the middle of the night and puking.

85.  I’m running out of things to share.

86.  I can’t stand having my feet touched.

87.  I sleep better when I have the bed to myself.

88.  But I feel guilty because my husband is just the opposite.

89.  I bought my first purse when I was 23.

90.  Motherhood was a very easy transition for me.

91.  I miss the new baby stage, but I don’t miss the lack of sleep.

92.  I am done having kids, but I love to snuggle on other people’s babies.

93.  The smell of new baby and puppy breath are fleeting and don’t last long enough.

94.  My kids are growing up too fast, but they are turning into beautiful young ladies.

95.  I love watching my husband play with my girls.

96.  I love watching my dad play with my girls.

97.  I wish I lived closer to all of the people in my life that I love.

99.  There was a time when I only wore men’s jeans.  Having kids changed my body and now women’s jeans fit well.


100.  I am a quiet person until you get to know me.


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  1. I can’t believe we both have husbands who love to snuggle while sleeping, while we hate it. Maybe we should live together, and the guys can share a bed! 🙂

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